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Images of Suan Pakkad, Bangkok

Suan Pakkad is a private residence that has been transformed into an attractive medium-sized museum.
It houses a collection of various antiquities, located in different wooden houses and pavillions around a pleasant garden, where you can also relax and have a cool drink.
The collection comprises : Buddha images, sculptures, art from the Rattanakosin area, musical instruments, pentachromatic porcelain (Bencharong), household utensils. A large collection of Sukhothai (Sawankhalok) ceramics is present.
The Khon museum houses various Khon masks, puppets and figurines, used in the traditional Thai dances.
The Lacquer Pavillion, with its inner walls painted in gold and black lacquer is located in the garden.
There is a medium sized well preserved Royal Barge. Another highlight of this museum is its collection of Ban Chiang artefacts, housed in a separate building.
Directions : Take BTS to Phayathai station, take exit 4, turn right into Sri Ayutthaya Road. You'll find the museum after about 300 meters.

Large Vase, Ban Chiang
Large Vase, Ban Chiang Culture,
displayed at Suan Pakkad, Bangkok

Suan Pakkad - Lacquer Pavillion in Garden
The Lacquer Pavillion, located in the Garden At Suan Pakkad
  Horse Riders, Lacquer Pavillion, Suan Pakkad, Bangkok
Lacquer Pavillion at Suan Pakkad - Horse Riders

The Lacquer Pavillion is located in the garden of Suan Pakkad. It has been moved many decades ago from its original location at Ban Kling Temple (between Ayudhya and Bang Pa-In). It dates back to the 17-18th century. There are outer and inner walls. The inner walls are painted in black and gold lacquer. The paintings depicts both scenes from the Buddha's life, and scenes from the Hindu Epic, Ramayana (Ramakien). It is reportedly the only lacquer pavillion in Thailand.

A large collection of Ban Chiang artefacts is located in a separate building. The exhibits are attractively displayed, and the history of the Ban Chiang culture and excavations is summarized. The Ban Chiang culture was located in present Udon Thani province, and dates back 1,800 to 5,800 years. The collection is quite interesting, and the various beads and painted vases look quite fashionable, even today.

(the last picture : If you ever wondered how to make attractive painted patterns in a simple way, this is how is was done a few thousands years ago in Thailand)
More info on Suan Pakkad :

Lacquer Pavillion - Group of Ladies
Lacquer Pavillion - A Group of Ladies
  Suan Pakkad - Lacquer Pavillion
Looking through a Window - Lacquer Pavillion, Suan Pakkad
Group of Gentlemen
Group of Gentlemen with peculiar Headware,
Lacquer Pavillion at Suan Pakkad, Bangkok
  Collection of Bracelets, Ban Chiang Artefacts
Collection of Bracelets, Ban Chiang Culture,
displayed at Suan Pakkad Museum, Bangkok
Pair of Bracelets, Ban Chiang Culture, Suan Pakkad Museum
Pair of Bracelets, Ban Chiang Artefacts at
Suan Pakkad, Bangkok
  Necklace with Beads, Ban Chiang
Ban Chiang : Decorative Beads, Necklace
Pair of Laddles, Ban Chiang Culture in Thailand
Pair of Laddles, Ban Chiang Culture, Thailand
  Ban Chiang Technology : How to make a pattern
Ban Chiang Technology (patent pending) :
How to make a pattern on vases (or textiles?)

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Content, including images, by Guido Vanhaleweyk, Bangkok.