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Suphanburi - Ang Thong - Singburi

U Thong museum in Suphanburi province houses an impressive collection of Dvaravati art. The city was an important centre of Dvaravati culture and the items on display were found locally.

This area of Central Thailand has numerous, large reclining Buddha images. A particularly large one is found at Wat Khun Inth(r)a Pramun, Ang Thong province. According to some sources, this is the largest reclining Buddha Image in Thailand.

In Singburi, close to the grounds of Wat Phra Praang, we find possible the largest kiln of South East Asia. Ceramics were mass produced here, and a total of 200 kilns have been found. Some were destroyed, others are still being excavated. Production occurred contemporarily with production of some better known centers during the Sukhothai area.

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Museum U Thong, Suphanburi, Thailand
Museum U Thong, Suphanburi Province

Museum U Thong
  Sculptured Head, Museum U Thong
Sculptured Head, Museum U Thong
U Thong Museum, Suphanburi
Ceramic Plate, U Thong Museum, Suphanburi
  Museum U Thong, Suphan Buri, Thailand
Museum U Thong, Suphan Buri, Thailand
Bronze Buddha Image, Suphanburi, Thailand
Bronze Buddha Image, Museum U Thong, Suphanburi
  Dharma Wheel, Museum U Thong
Dharma Wheel, Museum U Thong
Wat Khun Imprumoon (Ang Thong)
Reclining Buddha, WaWat Khun Inthra Pramunt (Ang Thong)
  Buddha at Wat Khun Imprumoon, Ang Thong
Buddha at Wat Khun Inthra Pramun, Ang Thong
Head of Buddha Image, Wat Khun Imprumoon, Ang Thong
Head of Reclining Buddha, Wat Khun Inthra Pramun, Ang Thong

The temple compound that houses the Reclining Buddha (called Luang Pho Khao, or White Buddha) dates back to the Sukhothai historic period. The Viharn building housing the Buddha was destroyed by the invading Burmese in 1569. Later on the temple site was kind of abandoned, but during the 18th century and later on it again became a pilgrimage site, and was visited by several Thai Kings.

The Reclining Buddha Image is 50 meters long, and some consider it the largest image in Thailand, though another Buddha Image in Singburi, called Phra Norn Chaksi, also vies for that honor.

During the big flooding end 2011 in Thailand, the Reclining Buddha became also partially submerged.

Wat Phra Praang (Singburi)
Wat Phra Praang (Singburi)
  Wat Phra Praang (Singburi)
Wat Phra Praang (Singburi)
Peacock (Wat Phra Praang)
Peacock (Wat Phra Praang)
  Kilns ceramic production
Kilns ceramic production at Taw Mae Nam Nooy, Singburi

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Content, including images, by Guido Vanhaleweyk, Bangkok.