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Wat Bowonniwet, Loha Prasat, Golden Mount, Democracy Monument (Bangkok)

As most other large temple complexes, Wat Bowonniwet offers, besides the religious buildings, gardens and greenery, and a possibility to get away from Bangkok's stiffling heat and congestion. An unusually large number of cats seem also to have found a home there.

Loha Prasat, a quite original building, houses a Buddha relic.
Golden Mount is most suitable for a visit in the late afternoon. Close to sunset, the light conditions are marvellous arond the gilded Chedi. Although only modestly elevated above the city, it offers a good view of the surroundings. Loha Prasat and Golden Mount are adjacent to each other, while Wat Bowonniwet can be reached walking along along Phra Sumen Road (northwestwards) from Golden Mount. On the way you pass Mahakan Fortress.
Mahakan Fortress is a remnant of the old fortifications around Bangkok.
Closeby (a few hundred meters to the south) is the Democracy Monument on a busy intersection. The central structure has a sculpture of a book on top, representing the constitution.
You can visit all these sites in a long morning or afternoon.

See Video below of :
Golden Mount,, Loha Prasat

Statue of Rama III, Bangkok
Statue of Rama III (near Golden Mount)

Wat Bowonniwet, Bangkok
Wat Bowonniwet, Bangkok
  Gables at Wat Bowonniwet
Gables at Wat Bowonniwet
European Style Building at
European Style Building at Wat Bowonniwet, Bangkok
  Buddha Images at Wat Bowonniwet
Buddha Images at Wat Bowonniwet, Bangkok
Loha Prasat, Bangkok
Loha Prasat, Bangkok
  Golden Mount, Bangkok
Golden Mount, Bangkok
Chedi, Golden Mount, Bangkok
Near the Chedi on top of Golden Mount, Bangkok
  Monks on Golden Mount, Bangkok
Monks performing Ritual on Golden Mount, Bangkok
Stupe on top of Golden Mount, Bangkok
Chedi of Golden Mount, Bangkok
  Mahakan Fortress, Bangkok
Mahakan Fortress, Bangkok
Democracy Monument, Bangkok
Democracy Monument, Bangkok -
When there are political manifestations in Bangkok,
they often happen here.



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Content, including images, by Guido Vanhaleweyk, Bangkok.